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Bowed Instrument services

We provide a full service stringed instrument repair, restoration and maintenance atalier. With nearly 40 years of experience Gary Vessel is fully trained to care for your orchestral instrument. It is the only establishment in the entire Central Valley of California to offer professional level work for instrument maintenance and care.

Fretted instrument services

In 2002, Gary began building mandolins and quickly became recognized as one of Americas leading mandolin builders. This added knowledge and experience has developed into an expansion of his business. The shop offers services such as repairs, fret dressing, set up, restringing and general maintenance of any fretted musical instrument.

Consignments and sales

We offer orchestral instrument consultation and consignment services, as well as sales and rentals of instruments and bows of all levels. We also carry all necessary accessories and the most popular strings and cases currently available.

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Teaching staff

Lessons are conducted in our studios. Please contact the teacher of your choice to arrange a lesson time

Arvin Berner


Milka Kraleva


Marta Guavarra


Jack Zango


Martin Martinez


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